School uniform consists of the following:


  • Grey tunic (not shorter than 6 cm above the floor when kneeling).
  • Open neck shirt with school badge. If the shirt does not have a badge the learner must wear a tie.
  • White ankle socks (not rolled or secret socks)
  • Black lace-up or buckle school shoes (not suede). Ensure shoes are laced up.
  • No scarves of beanies.


  • Grey tunic or grey flannel trousers.
  • Grey school socks or black stockings, whilst Grade 12 girls may wear grey stockings.
  • White shirt
  • Black lace-up or buckle school shoes (not suede). Ensure shoes are laced up.
  • Ties must be worn during winter months.
  • Only school blazers are permitted and not wind breakers.
  • Jerseys and pull-overs must be maroon. No white stripe is allowed.


  • School uniform consists of grey long pants (no alterations) worn with a white shirt .
  • In summer, high school learners may wear an open neck shirt with a school badge.
  • In summer, only primary school boys may wear grey shorts with an open neck white shirt.
  • Grey school socks must be worn with black school shoes. A maroon school blazer or jersey may be worn with the school uniform. Jerseys and pull-overs must be maroon.  No white stripes are allowed.
    • Only school blazers are permitted, no wind breakers.

NB: The following rules apply:

  • No make-up is to be worn to school.
    • No earrings may be worn other than a single plain thin “sleeper”/small gold/silver stud in each ear in the ear-lobe.
    • No jewellery may be worn other than a Medic-alert bracelet or Medic-alert necklace or goat skin.
  • Nails must be short and clean. Only colourless nail varnish is allowed.

    (no exceptions will be made)

Hair must be clean, neat and tidy at all times – including occasions when participating in sport


2.1.1 There must be no hair on the forehead. If fringe is worn it must be clipped back neatly.

2.1.2 No wispy strands of hair are allowed.

2.1.3 If hair hangs below the collar it must all be tied up neatly in a ponytail or 2 ponytails.

2.1.4 Scrunches, Alice-bands, combs, clips, if worn, must be black/white or maroon.

2.1.5 Bleached hair is not permitted.

2.1.6 Exotic hair styles are not permitted. No dread locks or perms are permitted.

2.1.7 Hair must be plaited backwards and all hair must be plaited to the end.

2.1.8 Only one style is allowed e.g. plaiting or tying hair.

2.1.9  S curl is only allowed if hair is even. No “BOB” cuts.



2.2.1 Hair must follow the shape of the head – no afro, bleached hair or dread locks.

2.2.2 Hair may not touch the collar at the back when head is held normally.

2.2.3 Sideburns may not extend below the middle of the ear.

2.2.4 Beards/moustaches are not allowed – boys must be clean shaven.

2.2.5  No “BOB” cuts allowed