Hope Full Service School Uniform and General Appearance

Learners are expected to wear the official Hope Full Service School uniform and appear neat and tidy at all times.

No additions to the uniform that are not in accordance with the regulations will be allowed. No earrings, jewellery, accessories, coloured contact lenses or visible tattoos are allowed.

No colouring of hair or wearing of exotic hairstyles is allowed.

Fingernails must be kept trimmed short and clean at all times.

During events that allow the wearing of casual wear, learners should wear neat, presentable clothes. Beachwear, tight-fitting clothes, clothes that are see-through and/or too revealing are not allowed. Hair, shoes and accessories should be neat at all times.

Only learners that have applied, submitted relevant supporting documents and received the necessary permission from the Hope Full Service School Governing Body, may deviate

from official Hope Full Service School uniform for religious and cultural reasons as contemplated in Part 1 paragraph I of this Code of Conduct.

Appearance: Girls

  • Clips must be white, blue, black or silver.
  • White, blue, black, brown or silver bobbles/hair ties.
  • Hair must be tied up when it is long enough to reach the collar.
  • All hair to be tied up and worn away from the face. No loose strands will be allowed.
  • No dyed or fancy hairstyles are permitted.
  • No gel or hairspray is permitted.
  • Nails are to be clipped neatly to the end of the finger.
  • No french manicures are allowed.
  • Only clear colourless nail varnish may be worn, otherwise girls will be requested to remove it immediately.
  • No make-up (including base, mascara) may be worn, otherwise the learner will be sent home.
  • Only jewellery allowed is a watch and Medic Alert bracelet, signet-ring and one pair of earrings (sleeper or stud) that will be worn in the bottom pierced hole only.
  • No studs or rings may be worn in the mouth, nose, face or tongue.
  • No permanent make-up is allowed.
  • No coloured / shiny lip ice is permitted.
  • No tattoos allowed, and if you have, it may not be visible.
  • No “dreadlocks”, “pineapple ponies”, spikes, “plaits” or any other style, which causes the hair to stand up unnaturally, and/or appear long, is permitted.

Appearance: Boys

  • Hair to be cut neatly and short (clear of the ears, neck and forehead).
  • No fancy or wild styles, gel, grease or hair sprays permitted.
  • No “steps” or definite line is permitted.
  • No “undercuts” are permitted.
  • When the hair is pulled straight it may not hang over the eyebrows or the ears.
  • Boys are to be clean-shaven. If they haven’t shaved, parents will be contacted to come and fetch them
  • “Sidies” may not be longer than the middle of the ear.
  • Hair may not be dyed – no “highlights” or “low lights”. If this is done, hair must be shaved with a No.2 blade and be kept that way until it is according to the rules.
  • No hair extensions may be worn.
  • No “dreadlocks”, “pineapple ponies”, spikes, “plaits” or any other style, which causes the hair to stand up unnaturally, and/or appear long, is permitted.
  • No “mohawk” / “mullet” allowed.
  • No “patterns” may be cut into the hair.
  • Only jewellery allowed is a watch and a medic alert bracelet. No studs or rings may be worn in the ear, mouth, nose, face or tongue.

NOTE: Any transgressions of these rules may lead to the learner being sent home.

Valuables and Personal Belongings

The Hope Full Service School will not be held responsible for theft of or damage to personal belongings on Hope Full Service School premises (e.g. cell phones, bags, books and clothing).

  1. Learners should avoid bringing cell phones, large sums of money and valuables to Hope Full Service School. Cell phones may not be switched on during a normal Hope Full Service School day. If the learner brings a cell phone to Hope Full Service School, the learner must carry a written request from the parent, which must provide for an indemnification against loss of or damage to the cell phone.

Arrangements should be made with the teacher in charge for safekeeping of valuables, etc. during sports practices.

Learners may not bring computer games, iPods or similar electronic devices to Hope Full Service School.